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The LARCUM Bishops are pleased to announce the appointment of The Reverend Susan Heath as Coordinator of the Public Education Initiative outlined in their Pastoral Letter of April 2014. Click here to learn more

Welcome, friends!

In this website you will find information about a special ecumenical relationship between five bishops and the churches they lead in South Carolina.

In an effort to further seek the unity among his disciples for which Christ prayed at the Last Supper (John 17:21), the bishops of the SC Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Episcopal Church in South Carolina, the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston, and the SC Conference of the United Methodist Church entered into a formal covenant in 1995 which has led to concrete actions proclaiming the commitment to the movement that seeks full, visible communion among all the members of Christ's body.

“We Bishops, in the name of our respective churches, relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the faithful love of the Triune God, commit ourselves to celebrate the unity already among us, and in the spirit of Philippians 3:13, “forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead,” pledge ourselves to strengthen the visible unity of the Body of Christ in South Carolina and exhort the faithful to live and work courageously in the hope of reconciliation and unity in our common Lord.” Excerpt from the South Carolina LARCUM Covenant

This covenantal relationship has led to concrete actions to proclaim our commitment to the movement that seeks full, visible communion among all the members of Christ’s body, that is, to Christian ecumenical unity. Among the various initiatives SC LARCUM has taken are:

    • Annual prayer services with the LARCUM Bishops’ involvement during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (held each January).
    • Annual Bishops’ Dialogue Conferences
    • A common baptismal certificate

All five LARCUM judicatories are also full members of the South Carolina Christian Action Council, which is a state-wide ecumenical partnership consisting of sixteen denominations and twenty-one regional judicatories.

Your involvement in LARCUM is welcome and needed. Join us in our upcoming activities and contribute your voice and your faith to the important and necessary task of seeking Christian unity.